How important is your brand?

Failing to manage your brand effectively means running the risk of not taking advantage of its potential and that could threaten your competitiveness, particularly in markets where you're up against businesses who do manage their brands well.

Your brand is your identity as a business and creates an instant impression to a potential client where you will automatically be judged even before any business relationship has started. Get your brand right and this will ensure a new customer has confidence in you and will be more willing to do business. Get it wrong and it will create negativity and a potential customer will go elsewhere.

Lets us get to know you and your business sector...

Before we design anything we want to understand your market, your aims and your strategy. We will then think about the tactics we recommend you employ.

Design is not just about literature that looks pretty, we believe you want more. Our goal is to make you stand out from the crowd and be a sign post for others to follow. You want to be seen to be a leader, not a follower. We will help you get to the top and stay there.

Your identity gives people a level on which to judge you by and if it doesn't give the consumer confidence, then they won't buy the product regardless of the business behind it. At Bigfish Creative we understand this and are able to lift your brand to a level that makes you stand out, but more importantly, doesn't scare your client base away! This is your core audience and what we try to achieve is to keep them happy but also give enough edge to attract new clients that otherwise wouldn't notice you.

Our clients see an increase in turnover and therefore have been able to strengthen their businesses and are now pro-active in improving their brand and their bottom line. We can even arrange for you to talk to existing clients to get their perspective on our work.

Making you stand out from the crowd

Signage is an important marketing tool, it grabs the customers attention, informs them of your service and inspires them to take action at a glance.

Each solution we design is with your business goals in mind, which is supplied by our vast design experience giving you maximum impact. We are able to undertake a wide variety of signage and display projects. Whether you require a simple pavement swing sign, vehicle livery or a full fascia system we can manage the complete project from start to finish. We will specify different cost solutions and advise on the materials that need to be used for your individual applications.

Make an exhibition of yourself...

Stunning display stands alone do not guarantee a successful trade show performance, so Bigfish Creative provides complete exhibition design solutions from simple but effective roll-up banners to bespoke exhibition stands.

Our expertise will help you maximize visibility in a crowded space and increase the footfall to your stand. We will work closely with you to help you plan everything from the initial brief and design concepts down to the last detail including print material, stand design to suit your needs and how it will be transported. So if you are wanting maximum impact to help draw in those potential new customers, speak to us at Bigfish Creative and be a sign post for others to follow.

Eco-friendly print solutions

We try and source our print solutions only from companies that care about the environment and see this as an important part of the business.

Economically viable forest management means that forest operations are structured and managed so as to be sufficiently profitable, without generating financial profit at the expense of the forest resource.   Environmentally-friendly processes are certainly high on the agenda and our main print source are both FSC and PEFC Certified, emphasising their excellent green credentials.

They work with a wide variety of clients from small, local businesses all the way through to well-known brands such as Arsenal Football Club, Specsavers and the NHS. All waste materials are recycled, including aluminium plates, metal ink tins & plastic ink cartridges, the ink itself, paper, cardboard and even the wood from their pallets. Our knowledge and skills enable us to efficiently coordinate your project to ensure that we fulfil your requirements first time, on time.

Whether you require a short colour digital run, large colour brochures or a specialist die-cut label run, we have the resources and skills to manage any print an environmentally responible manner.

Small run digital print

Digital print solutions are great for small print runs and enable you to test the marketplace on a new campaign or to print documents that may need updating on a regular basis. This eliminates the need for larger print runs where you end up throwing brochures away if it becomes obsolete.

Digital print can often be turned around within a minimum of 3 working days as it is straight to press and is great when time is of the essence.  With extermely competitive pricing and a next working day dispatch on simple jobs (jobs requiring lamination and/or complicated finishing may take up to 3 days more) you can be sure that tight deadlines are dealt with swiftly and efficiently. With the use of automated processes means that print jobs can be sent from our desktop, through an automated lay-up/imposition pre-press system, to a series of print queues pointing to the front end controllers at the printing press. In effect, once ordered, the print jobs are untouched until they appear as the printed item and with a wide range of finishing options and paper types, we can cover most eventualities in digital print. This gives you the option to test brochures and campaigns or create alternative, effect ways to enhance your day-to-day business solutions. Think about that presenattion that you normally produce at the last moment and cobble together in Word. Now you can have it professionally designed and also printed in very small runs to give you an end result that is second to none. We have produced Award entries, business prospectuses and one-off brochures that have given our clients the edge over their rivals when normally production of these small items would be far more expensive. We can print on 350gsm stock including die-cutting and lamination to give you a quality that rivals traditional print and finishing processes.   Ideal for:   exhibitions - especially those late-booked leaflet inserts - taking advantage of late-booking discounts award ceremonies test marketing campaigns ever-changing posters/flyers - for special price sensitive promotions, ie. in-store posters or hand outs