Clients can benefit massively from a unique liaison between us, Bigfish Creative Ltd and the leading market researcher, Ayton Global Research to bring the best packaging solutions to your chosen marketplace.

If your product or brand needs to meet the exacting demands of any high street retail chain, Intelligent Design can establish the key selling points of your product through online consumer research and ingeniously create a brand identity for the product that will meet your clients exact expectations and make it stand out from the crowd and help to produce increased sales.

Initial design concepts will be produced with your input and then a volunteer group, representing your target audience will evaluate them on a number of key areas to enable us to package and produce a product that we know hits the right spot. Our service is international and means that Intelligent Design can overcome both language and culture barriers to bring your product to new markets.

About Ayton Global Research

Ayton Global Research is an international online consumer research facility that helps business make profitable decisions.

Ayton Global Research was originally established in 1995 by Sue Ayton to provide consumer trials for the cosmetics and toiletries industry. It is now proud to offer comprehensive consumer research in many business areas, but predominantly Cosmetics and Food & Drink.

With dedicated specialist teams in these two primary areas, AGR provides all aspects of research from consumer trials- benchmarking, new product development, profiled consumer preferences to in-house company perceptions, and is the one-stop-shop for all market-led consumer intelligence.

If your product needs a new identity to gain maximum impact in the marketplace, then combining online consumer trials with intelligent design will give you the correct brand requirement.

Case Study - Sharpham Park

Sharpham Park have a high quality range of Spelt food products and wanted to increase their marketshare by introducing a new range of spelt cereals.

Sharpham Park has traditionally sold its spelt range of cereals, sweet and savoury biscuits and flour in small retail outlets such as farm shops and delicatessen. Roger Saul, the founder and owner of Sharpham, wished to scale up his operation with a new wider reaching spelt product and make it widely available via selected supermarket chains.

Assessing the Marketing Messages

There were concerns that the current cereal packaging would not sit comfortably alongside well know brands such as Nestle and Kellogg's. The packaging was predominantly high gloss black and easily damaged. The health messages were not prominently displayed. The black gloss packaging also oozed expense and may have deterred customers with a fixed weekly budget.

AGR and BFC designed a trial to discover what promotional messages encouraged shoppers to purchase cereals. In particular AGR sourced its volunteers from the very retail chain that Roger wished to sell his products in. A preference for certain health messages such as ‘high in fibre’ and ‘low in salt’ were found to be key drivers in making a decision to purchase. The messages were ranked in order of importance and then Bigfish Creative, along with Sharpham Park's marketing teamm ensured that this new cereal packaging design incorporated the results of the study without losing the branding that was already established.

The health messages that were top of the list would appear on the front of the packaging. Other messages that appeared lower down on the list would appear on other aspects of the packaging. Colour and design preferences were also established and the fact that this is a British product was also found to be of great importance to consumers.

Creating the New Cereal Box Design

By using the data from the Ayton trials, Bigfish Creative set to work creating three cereal box designs which were consistent with the conclusion of the trials.These designs were presented to Roger Saul and their team of staff, alongside well known global brands. A final design was chosen. This final design attracted the attention of the Buyer from the target high street supermarket chain. The Buyer could be absolutely sure that the spelt cereal product, its marketing messages and the final packaging design, would be suitable for the loyal customer base of this supermarket chain. By using Ayton Global Research, Sharpham Park was able to reassure its target client that the cereal would be received well by its loyal customer base, and assisted the introduction into a leading UK supermarket chain.