The digital publishing solution has arrived and in today’s internet driven society, we’ve come to expect vast amounts of information at the click of a button, but how do you keep your visitor engaged and interested in what you have for them?

PDF Documents (Portable Document Format) have become the worldwide standard for the online publication of material which normally would be printed. However, PDFs are now dated in their appearance and can be an unattractive way to display otherwise interesting information. So we have the perfect answer in MiFolio™.

Takes your PDF files and convert them into an elegant and interactive, fully-online digital brochure
Turn the pages like a real book with exciting flash-animated, page-to-page transitions
MiFolio™ booklets keep the viewer engaged and present your information in an attractive, user-friendly manner
MiFolio™ gives you the ability to upload unlimited PDFs to your website for conversion
Reduces printing and postage costs but still provides your viewers with the information they require.
MiFolio™ transforms PDF documents into exciting and interactive online booklets.

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