MiMailer has been designed to make email marketing a simple task. Using pre-defined templates you are able to modify and create fresh email campaigns, to keep your target audience engaged about your business.

Whether you need to send a campiagn or newsletter instantly, it can be achieved quickly and efficiently at your control. You can even design a template and send it out at a time or date that suits you with our scheduled module, reaching your customers quickly and effectively has never been simpler.

Build up your own template library for consistency in future campaigns
Construct a comprehensive contact profile with an unlimited number of custom fields for data collection
Import all your existing contacts into CampaignMailer™ at the click of a button
With Smart-search, filter down existing contact groups for targeted marketing

Your data will always be up to date

Import your contacts list through the upload of a CSV file where you can create contact groups for specific marketing targets or send by a post code address to mail a specific area - it's your data to manage as you wish.

With smart-bounce detection automatically managing your contact lists, be assured of a high delivery success-rate and combine MiMailer™ with MiUpdater™ to instantly include contacts who have subscribed, or completed a form, on your website.

Spot the trend knowing your customers activity

MiMailer™ is designed to give you the best possible marketing statistics and contact feedback. Once an email has been sent, CampaignMailer™ provides you with instant and comprehensive campaign statistics.

An overview of all past and present campaigns and a breakdown of individual emails sent
Email activity tracking showing you who opened an email and how many times the email was viewed
A list of email addresses which cause an email to bounce, and the reason for any rejection
Intelligent click tracking showing a complete list of links and breakdown of who went on to click specific links within an email.

All of this data combines to give you a comprehensive and accurate representation of your campaigns’ success, allowing you to refine future campaigns and achieve more with your online marketing.   Click here for costings on setting up a campaign and sending out emails