We have made running and managing an online shop a simple task when you have the power of MiMerchant™ at your fingertips. You can process online and offline orders, have packing slips created ready for printing and configure special offers, featured products, gift vouchers and other checkout discounts.    

MiMerchant™ utilises Google Base integration to ensure your products are visible directly to Google users keeping your products ahead of the competition’s. A guest checkout with a wide variety of payment methods can be implemented to make the checkout process simpler for your customers.

Know your Customer

Customers are the most important asset any online company can have. So, MiMerchant™ lets you track and manage your customers’ purchases and have their contact details fully accessible at the click of a button.

With a day-by-day statistical breakdown, MiMerchant™ lets you know who you’re selling to and where in the world they are. Combining data from offline sales with statistics from web sales, MiMerchant™ can provide you with instant and comprehensive feedback on a whole host of areas:

Your most popular and highest grossing products
Daily and monthly breakdowns of new customers, orders and specific products sold
Sales channels and resellers reports
Popular delivery and chosen payment methods.

The combination of MiMerchant™ statistics and MiMailer™ is an extremely powerful tool enabling the targeted marketing of customers according to their purchase history and more: a great way to increase your selling potential.