A range of specifically developed web based applications to encompass all your online business requirements...

Using the expandable MiNexos™ core framework we have developed a range of specifically targeted web based applications to encompass everything you need to market your business online, today. The advantage being, that they can not only be managed very easily by yourself, but also that they can be used singularly or combined together to form an extremely powerful resource, accessed through a single login from anywhere at anytime.

SiteUpdater™ - Update and build your own website

SiteUpdater™ is our website application that enables you to manage all aspects of your site, from adding a new page, content and images to creating online forms and dynamic advertising banners. All driven by our simple to use 'word style editor'. You don't need to have any previous experience of programming or using systems, as with the basic training you will be building websites within hours!

SiteMerchant™ - Manage your online shop like a pro!

SiteMerchant™ is a comprehensive e-commerce application to enable you to run an online shop from day one. With a variety of special features, you are able to not only manage the upload and description of all products, but also track the sale from purchase all the way through to printing a packing slip ready for despatch. It will handle a range of payment options and keep track of your accounts, including your sales profits and work out your VAT.

CampaignMailer™ - Send out email campaigns and reach your audience

CampaignMailer™ allows the creation of email marketing templates, newsletters and targetd campaigns at the click of a button. Add datalists directly into the system, group contacts into specific folders, organise contacts via postcode and schedule when campaigns are sent out. All backed up by a comprehensive range of statistics showing you who has opened the campaign, which ones have bounced... Read more

Tailored2U™ - Have an application developed to your specific needs

Tailored2U™ enables you to take one of our standard applications and by defining its purpose and tools to your needs, you are able to build a bespoke system, without the enormous development  costs, to end up with a product that manages exactly what your business requies and nothing more... Read more

Choose from a wide range of existing modules to enhance your applications

ModulePlus+™ is an ever expanding suite of pre-developed modules, that you can add onto your applications to enhance its performance or useability. Each time we get asked by a client to build an extra module to the current system, we then add it to our collection and therefore allow the cost of developemnt to be shared across a number of clients.